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Hate the look of your Existing Benchtops ?

                        We can help!!!!!!!​

We simply overlay your existing Kitchen  Benchtop and Splashbacks

with a Stone/Quartz Overlay

* No need to demolish any part of your existing  kitchen - Saving You $$$

* Existing Splashbacks can remain untouched if your happy with your existing Tiles or We can Stone Overlay Your Tiled Splashback Too

* Installed in one or two days.

* Heat, stain and scratch resistant.

* 12 year warranty.

* Amazing Durable and Hard Wearing


* Hygienic and Non-Porous

* Beautiful fashion colours in high gloss diamond polish finish

NaturaStone Quartz Surfaces

NaturaStone is a 6mm thick Australian made quartz surfacing material combining beauty with ease of handling and exceptional durability.

NaturaStone can be installed as a new benchtop or easily applied on site, resurfacing existing benchtops and substrates.

Beautiful fashion colours in high gloss diamond polish finish QUARTZSTONE

Quartzstone is the brilliant new quality stone that is suitable for any surface needing an update

  • Kitchen counter tops 

  • Bathroom vanity tops 

  • Bar tops 

  • Fascia panels 

  • Dining tables

  • Shower panels 

  • Shower bases

  • Food service counters

  • Coffee tables 

  • Splashbacks 

  • Wall panels

  • Commercial counters 

  • Lift car panels 

  • Laundries

  • Flooring

  • Column cladding

Quartzstone collection comes in a 6mm thickness and is manufactured from superior quality quartz and resin.

It is a superior quality collection of popular colours with exceptional aesthetic qualities and technical performance.

Quartzstone surfaces are manufactured using advanced technology from recycled materials to create exceptional quality, durability, acoustically absorbent, Non-Flammable and water proof.




Quartzstone is manufactured from superior quality quartz and resin and comes complete with a 12 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Quartzstone is functional, durable, hard wearing and extremely resistant to scratching,scuffing and acids.

The perfect answer to your design requirements with a focus on quality, style & versatility

If you wish to contact us, please give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be more than happy to speak with you!

We are a family business with over 36 years experience, specialising  in Kitchen Renovations

We listen carefully, tell it straight and keep our promises. We want to

give you the best of the best.

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